About Hesab.af

Hesab.af is an e-taxation and online payment system primarily developed to help small businesses calculate and submit different types of taxes to the government and help individuals/businesses with their day to day payment transactions. Partnering with the Afghanistan Payments System (APS) and mPaisa (Roshan) has enabled Hesab.af to make fund transfers extremely easy for everyone in Afghanistan using their smartphones or/and computers and without having to visit the bank themselves. Our mission is to integrate Hesab.af with the Ministry of Finance and, in particular, make paying taxes to the government easier for millions of Afghans, using Hesab.af.

Currently, there are 4000-5000 active debit cards issued in Afghanistan and 100,000 more are expected by APS, but only 350 Point of Sale (POS) terminals are in use across the country. Hesab.af will add tremendous value to the debit cards issued by banks and APS by distributing 11,000 mPOS devices in the initial stage and more in the future in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Distributing such an amount of mPOS devices across the country will encourage people to rely more on debit card transactions than cash.

The interface can toggle between 1) Pashtu, Dari and English languages, 2) Afghani (AFN) and U.S. Dollar (USD) currencies, and 3) Gregorian and Afghan calendars. For those familiar with Western products, Hesab.af can be compared to an extremely simple cross between Intuit QuickBooks, TurboTax and PayPal, capable of preparing the three basic types of financial statement for proper financial management, as well as, submitting all six types of Afghan taxes (eFiling) and transferring funds or making payments (ePayment).

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mPoS (Hesab.af as a Point of Sale) Our 11,000 mPOS devices will be distributed among shopkeepers, business owners, and sarafis throughout Afghanistan. Every mPOS device holder is considered as a merchant and will be required to open a merchant account with an APS associated bank in Afghanistan.

The buyer is the card holder and the seller is the merchant. The buyer goes to a shop that holds a mPOS device and pays with his/her card instead of cash. To successfully complete the transaction, buyer’s AfPay#, PIN, Amount and Merchant’s Account Number along with the Merchant Name is sent to APS. APS checks data from the Card Holder and the Merchant with the related banks and sends a response back to Hesab.af whether the transaction is approved or denied.

Similarly, our mPOS can be used by thousands of Sarafis across the country. Anybody having an AfPay debit card can walk to a sarafi, swipe their card in the mPOS assigned to the sarafi, enter the PIN and the amount to make the desired payment. The transaction goes to APS for verification and gets approved if the requirements are met.

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How it works?

Hesab.af can be compared to other e-payment solutions such as PayPal, but the largest difference between Hesab.af and other e-payment systems is that Hesab.af is not a wallet and do not hold any customer funds. It is simply a software application linked with APS and helps users process their payments and fund transfers. Hesab.af provides a simple user interface to individuals and businesses that communicate between existing regulated banks and other entities such as mPaisa and APS. The following pictorial illustration explains the function and ultimate goal of Hesab.af.

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