About Hesab.af

Hesab.af is an e-taxation and online payment system primarily developed to help small businesses calculate and submit different types of taxes to the government and help individuals/businesses with their day to day payment transactions. Partnering with the Afghanistan Payments System (APS) and mPaisa (Roshan) has enabled Hesab.af to make fund transfers extremely easy for everyone in Afghanistan using their smartphones or/and computers and without having to visit the bank themselves. Our mission is to integrate Hesab.af with the Ministry of Finance and, in particular, make paying taxes to the government easier for millions of Afghans, using Hesab.af.

Currently, there are 4000-5000 active debit cards issued in Afghanistan and 100,000 more are expected by APS, but only 350 Point of Sale (POS) terminals are in use across the country. Hesab.af will add tremendous value to the debit cards issued by banks and APS by distributing 11,000 mPOS devices in the initial stage and more in the future in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Distributing such an amount of mPOS devices across the country will encourage people to rely more on debit card transactions than cash.

The interface can toggle between 1) Pashtu, Dari and English languages, 2) Afghani (AFN) and U.S. Dollar (USD) currencies, and 3) Gregorian and Afghan calendars. For those familiar with Western products, Hesab.af can be compared to an extremely simple cross between Intuit QuickBooks, TurboTax and PayPal, capable of preparing the three basic types of financial statement for proper financial management, as well as, submitting all six types of Afghan taxes (eFiling) and transferring funds or making payments (ePayment).

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mPoS (Hesab.af as a Point of Sale) Our 11,000 mPOS devices will be distributed among shopkeepers, business owners, and sarafis throughout Afghanistan. Every mPOS device holder is considered as a merchant and will be required to open a merchant account with an APS associated bank in Afghanistan.

The buyer is the card holder and the seller is the merchant. The buyer goes to a shop that holds a mPOS device and pays with his/her card instead of cash. To successfully complete the transaction, buyer’s AfPay#, PIN, Amount and Merchant’s Account Number along with the Merchant Name is sent to APS. APS checks data from the Card Holder and the Merchant with the related banks and sends a response back to Hesab.af whether the transaction is approved or denied.

Similarly, our mPOS can be used by thousands of Sarafis across the country. Anybody having an AfPay debit card can walk to a sarafi, swipe their card in the mPOS assigned to the sarafi, enter the PIN and the amount to make the desired payment. The transaction goes to APS for verification and gets approved if the requirements are met.

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How it works?

Hesab.af can be compared to other e-payment solutions such as PayPal, but the largest difference between Hesab.af and other e-payment systems is that Hesab.af is not a wallet and do not hold any customer funds. It is simply a software application linked with APS and helps users process their payments and fund transfers. Hesab.af provides a simple user interface to individuals and businesses that communicate between existing regulated banks and other entities such as mPaisa and APS. The following pictorial illustration explains the function and ultimate goal of Hesab.af.

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Merchant Privacy Policy

Merchant    Privacy Policy


The scope of this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) is only HesabMerchant (the website “https://hesab.af/” and our mobile application). Merchant’s privacy is one of the highest priorities for HesabPay and its parent company ZINZIR. We make every possible effort to make sure the information provided by users is not compromised.

The Policy is a declaration from HesabMerchant to inform the merchants about what information we collect about them and the secrecy and protection thereof; when and with whom do we share their information; who might have access to their information, merchant’s control over their information and several other important issues.

Merchant’s must read and understand the entire Policy. Not reading or understanding the Policy does not release the merchants from liability. Merchants automatically accept and agree to the Policy when they sign up for or use our services, content or features offered on our website and all other related sites and applications.

Information Collected

In order for the merchants to utilize our service, we require them to provide and/or we may obtain the following personal information:

  • Personal information is required for the initial registration to receive our services such as merchant’s name, ID, photo, phone number and email address.

  • Business information required for the initial registration such as store name, address, license copy, ownership type.

  • If merchants allow, we will have access to their phonebook contacts, SMS, camera and phone storage. Merchants can restrict this access anytime through phone settings.

  • Information about transactions such as merchants’ bank name, bank account, email address, credit/debit card number (or mPaisa account number), user’s/beneficiary’s name, phone number, bank account and/or credit/debit card information and transaction history.

  • Information about the device such as hardware and software details about the device users use while accessing our services, merchants internet portal (IP) address, Mac address, IMEI, phone model, browser type and internet service provider (ISP).

  • HesabMerchant will obtain geographical location information (GPS coordinates) of the merchants when surfing our website or app.

Purpose of collecting information

We collect merchant’s information to:

  • Give them access to our services.

  • Give merchants a secure, smooth, efficient, and customized experience.

  • Process their airtime top up.

  • Verify their identity.

  • Cash out for HesabPay users.

  • Cash in for HesabPay users.

  • Receive their payments.

  • Prevent fraud and other illegal transactions.

  • Notify merchant of their received payments.

  • Notify merchants of any held, failed or invalidated the transaction.

  • Provide customer support.

  • Give merchants proper account control.

  • Help merchants troubleshoot problems with their accounts.

  • We may combine your personal information with information we collect from other companies and use it to improve and personalize HesabPay services and content.

  • Communicate any updates or other forms of changes to the terms and conditions and/or the Policy.

Sharing information with third parties

HesabMerchant and/or its parent company is very conscious about protecting merchant’s information against third parties. We do not sell, rent, gift and/or share or transfer merchants information to any third party for their marketing or any other purpose. However, we may share merchant information:

  • When a court of competent jurisdiction orders so.

  • If formally requested by any other government entity through a subpoena, court order and/or any other legal procedure.

  • When complying with the law to prevent physical harm, financial loss, report and/or investigate suspicious or illegal activity (ies) and/or transaction(s).

  • In good faith when sharing merchant information is compulsory to comply with the bank rules or other legal processes.

  • With our parent, sister and/or subsidiary company and/or other third parties that HesabMerchant partners with, in which case they all will bound by the same privacy and confidentiality policies as HesabMerchant.

  • With third parties under contract with HesabMerchant where all of these third parties will be bound by our privacy and confidentiality policies.

  • While receiving payments from others when sharing information is necessary to complete the transaction.

  • When merchants expressly consent and allow their information to be shared.

Merchant’s control of and access to their Information

All merchants will have full control of and access to the information they provide. In the event there is a substantial change in the information merchants had previously provided (such as their physical address, email or phone number and/or any other information) or they no longer wish to use our services, they can modify, change, add, update and remove their information accordingly by logging into their HesabMerchant account. In any case, merchants will be required to provide accurate information to properly utilize our services.


HesabMerchant makes every possible effort to protect merchants’ personal information. In order to protect merchants from fraud and misuse of their personal information, we have secured their data with latest technologies such as firewalls and data encryption, physical access controls to our data centers and information access authorization controls. We use technical and administrative security measures to reduce the risks of loss, misuse, unauthorized access and alteration thereof. Every transaction that comes is fully encrypted by HesabMerchant App.

Third Parties

All users shall be aware that when they receive payments from other parties such as HesabPay users, HesabMerchant is not responsible for their actions, including the information protection practices thereof.

Changes to the Policy

HesabMerchant in its sole discretion may modify, amend, change or nullify this Privacy Policy at any time. However, all the merchants will be informed about any change in the Policy and a revised version of the Policy shall be posted on our website. In case the modification, amendment or change is substantial, we will provide a prior notice to all the merchants through our notification system. Merchant’s decision to continue to visit and make use of the Application and our services after such changes have been made and communicated to them constitutes their formal acceptance of the new Privacy Policy.