Introduction is Afghanistan’s first online system developed to help small and medium size businesses with online fund transfers, calculation, and submission of their taxes to the government of Afghanistan and online payroll disbursement. also helps individuals to transfer money online to friends, family, colleagues and other in any part of the country and make online payments. To make the services more efficient, partners with Afghanistan Payment System (APS) and mPaisa (Roshan). Opening an account with is extremely simple and free of cost.


Creating an Account

Currently, offers its services only to individuals or businesses who hold an active MNO number (with country code +93). account allows its users to perform the following activities:

  • Easily integrate Afghanistan Payment System (APS) associated banks and Roshan mPaisa accounts.

  • Send and receive money from users’ bank or/and mPaisa accounts.

  • Pay at any registered merchant store, using Afpay card.

  • Withdraw money from any registered money teller, suing AFpay card.

  • Create a business account.

  • E-Filling for your business related activities.

  • Disburse salaries to up to 150 employees.

  • Calculate tax and prepare report thereabout.

Creating basic account is extremely simple and only requires a valid Afghan phone number. However, creating a business account does require users to provide additional business related information.

Closure/Deactivation of an Account allows its users to freely and easily close/deactivate their accounts from the settings menu. Further, accounts with no activity within six-month period will be automatically deactivated by with sending a prior notice to the user. Users can reactivate their accounts by 1) provide their password, 2) answer a security question and 3) confirm receiving an SMS. In case of closure/deactivation, the database keeps certain data and transactions history in the system for future claims. Nonetheless, we will still be bound by all the provisions and obligations related to privacy and confidentiality even after the closure of an account.

With the closure of their accounts, users will lose the contact list and the list of the names of all active banks that they obtain under the user agreement with

Closure of an account does not prevent the following activities from happening:

  • Receiving money to your default account without getting any notification or transaction alert.

  • Auditing of the account by DAB (The Afghanistan Bank) for preventing fraud.

  • Receiving email notifications when any payment is due unless turned off.

Link or Unlink Payment Method allows its users to easily link their bank and Roshan mPaisa accounts through a step by step process, using their Afpay card and mPaisa login credentials. Users are required to use accounts and cards with at least 30 days of validity. We do notify our users of the card's validity when it is about to expire and deactivate the account automatically after the validity dates of these cards expire.

Similarly, although lets its users unlink the payment methods through the account settings option, transactions history related to the account will remain in the system forever.

Statements and Reports

All users have the right to receive a timely statement through an email, SMS and notification center when a transaction is processed. also allows it users obtain a detailed report of their activities in the activity section. Users may also contact their banks for specific bank statements. provides free of cost electronic statements and reports. Users will be charged $10 (USD) a copy for paper based Statements, requested within Afghanistan, and for requests outside Afghanistan, in addition to the $10, all international courier charges apply.  

Fund Transfers

Acceptable Currencies accepts and processes payments only in U.S Dollars and Afghanis. If the accounts of sender and receiver are of different currencies, the exchange rate will apply. displays the market exchange rates for its users. By sending money to an account with different currency users agree to the exchange rates displayed on

Adding Balance operates as a TPSP (Third-party service provider) and do not hold your money under any circumstances., therefore, does not allow its users to add balance to their accounts. However, users may visit intended banks to add balance to their bank accounts and it will automatically show up on their accounts.

Sending Money users can send money to friends, family, employees or/and vendors using the “send money” feature in their accounts. Users can send money from their accounts even if the receiver does not have an account of They will receive the payment directly in their bank or/and mPaisa accounts. does not put any limitation on the amount of money intended to be transferred. However, we accept no responsibility and hold no control on the limitations that the banks or mPaisa may impose on any transfer therefrom. In the event a user, despite meeting all the requirements, is unable to send money due to a technical problem with the website or the app, will be responsible to resolve the issue. However, if the problem is not related to the website or the app, they must contact their banks or Roshan (if mPaisa) for more information. If the accounts of the sender and receiver are of different currencies, the exchange rate will apply. will decline users’ payments if their AfPay card or/and mPaisa accounts have less than 15 days of validity.  

Receiving Money

Users’ linked bank accounts will be automatically debited and updated when they receive a payment. They will also receive a notification and will be able to see the payment details in the Activity tab of their accounts. When a user receives a payment but it does not show up on her/his account, she/he may contact their banks for more details on the payment.

Payment Cancellation

Once a user makes a payment through, there is no possibility of canceling the payment. Users must double check all the information, including receiver’s details and the amount of payment, before making any payment.

Salary Disbursement

Using the salary disbursement feature on, users can disburse salaries to up to 150 employees. Users will be required to use “create a company” option and add the required information that asks thereabout in order to use salary disbursement feature of their account. Users must double check their accounts and all other information regarding their employees before disbursing salary. Users will not be able to cancel or ask for a refund once a payment is made.

Vendor Payment

Users may use their accounts to pay their vendors or process business transactions from the “Financial Services” tab on the website. Payments to vendors are considered as regular fund transfers. However, depending on the type of payment users make, the due tax will be deducted from the total amount in accordance with the Tax Law of Afghanistan and will be paid to the government on users’ behalf. Please refer to the E-Filing and E-Taxation section of the Terms & Conditions for more details on taxation.

Selling and Accepting Payments (Merchant)

Accepting Payments from Buyers

Users, using the merchant feature of, can accept payments for the goods and services they sell. By accepting the terms and conditions, all users agree to not impose a surcharge on any payments that they receive via The handling fee is paid by the merchant, not the customer, therefore, a surcharge for such reasons will lead to merchant agreement termination.

Our fees do not include any taxes. Users will be able to see the payable taxes in their accounts and can pay all those taxes using their accounts. MPOS

All users, eligible for the Hesab MPOS program, may receive an MPOS device, the software and necessary training to help them get started.  We only accept payments processed through Hesab MPOS devices. Payments processed through devices distributed by any other institution than are immediately rejected and the merchant’s account will get on hold and/or terminated.

E-Filing and E-Taxation for the first time offers its users online tax payment services. It helps its users avoid the complex and time to consume administrative process of paying their taxes. Using, users can very easily calculate and pay the different types of taxes (including Business Receipt Tax, Wage Withholding Tax, Rental Withholding Tax, Vendor/Supplier Withholding Tax and Corporate Tax) imposed by the government of Afghanistan.

Users satisfaction is one of our highest priorities. Therefore, to avoid errors in tax calculations and minimize other types of inconveniences, the tax feature of is carefully designed in close coordination with our Taxation Team.

Using the tax submission option of is optional. Users may use the payroll and tax calculation options of, but opt out of using tax submission option thereof. In the event users opt out of using the tax submission option, will not be responsible for any audit by the government and/or other issues related to or in connection with tax submission.

Users will be asked to fill the required information into the website/app for tax submission purposes. They will generally be required to provide their Tax Identification Number (TIN), company/individual name, email address, phone number and physical address. has a very strong policy of protecting users’ information. All the information provided to will be considered confidential and kept protected unless ordered otherwise by a court of competent jurisdiction and/or requested by a relevant and authoritative government entity.  

The Government of Afghanistan may update, amend, reform and/or nullify the tax law, regulations and/or processes and/or make other changes thereto. will do all the due diligence to regularly incorporate any updates and/or changes related to tax calculation and/or its submission. However, in any event, where is unaware of any update, amendment, reform, nullification and/or any other change to the tax laws, regulations and/or processes for any reason whatsoever, it disclaims any responsibility for any monetary and/or other types of damages incurred by its users. Similarly, disclaims any responsibility for any monetary or other types of damages incurred by the users due to any technological problem (technological problems include, but are not limited to, connectivity problems, server breakdown, system error and/or glitches).'s Rights

Termination, in its sole disposition, reserves the right to terminate, modify and replace this user agreement and block access to the website, mobile application and the POS program for any reason and at any time upon a notice to the users. Some of the reasons that will cause immediate termination are as follows

  • In case of fraud or any illegal activity,

  • any violation of the user agreement,

  • when gets knowledge that the phone number used for activating the account is not registered,

  • use of outside Afghanistan, or

  • order of a court of competent jurisdiction or any other authoritative government institution.

Limitation of Liability’s liability is limited to the services we offer to the users. does not hold any funds and does not offer wallet services, therefore, we only bear the liability for the data stored in server such as the AfPay number and/or the mPaisa username. accepts no liability for encrypted data sent directly to APS/mPaisa such as CVV and/or password.

By accepting these terms and conditions, users agree that they will not hold liable for any loss or damages including, but not limited to, loss of money, goodwill, reputation, profits, indirect or any significant damages.

Intellectual Property is the exclusive owner of both the website for and the mobile phone app thereof and exclusively own all the rights and privileges including but not limited to the content of the website, text, graphics, links, logos, images, all other patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, service marks, and product and service names (the “Intellectual Property”). Subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this User Agreement, grants the users a non-transferable, non-sublicensable and non-exclusive right and license only for the proper and authorized utilization of our services. All the users agree and promise not to

  • display, copy or use in whatsoever manner the Intellectual Property of Users are only authorized to use the website and the app for the purposes outlined in these terms and conditions;

  • use any data extraction device or method for any unauthorized use of the services;

  • modify, copy, sell, distribute, rent, lease, loan or generate/produce any work/output that is, in whole or in part, based on or is an extension of our website, app or services in general;

  • change and/or remove any author, trademark or any other data displayed on our website or mobile app, except for their own information legally uploaded to the website or the app while creating an account; or

  • violate’s or any third party’s copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent or other intellectual property or other rights.

Identity Authentication reserves the right to ask its users at any time and for any reason to authenticate their identity. The users will be asked to submit a government issued document (Tazkira & Passport for natural persons (individuals) and business license for legal persons (businesses) to authenticate their identity; failing to do so may lead to termination of this user agreement and closure of their accounts.

In the case of any potential fraud, embezzlement and/or any suspicious activity, will refer the user to Da Afghanistan Bank for appropriate legal actions.

All users are warned to be careful regarding account spoofing. If requires any documents from the users, it will send such requests through an email or notification system and users may only submit the documents electronically through online portal.

Use of Information

Users may receive information such as account holder name, account number, bank name and other types of information from by entering the receiver’s phone number. They must keep this information confidential and only use it in connection with services.

Dispute Resolution

  • Both parties agree to resolve, in good faith, any dispute, disagreement, controversy or difference arising out of the formation, performance, interpretation, nullification, termination or invalidation of this agreement or related thereto in any manner whatsoever, without resort to litigation, through negotiations.

  • In the event the negotiations do not succeed, the parties agree that any dispute, disagreement, controversy or difference arising out of the formation, performance, interpretation, nullification, termination or invalidation of this agreement or any issue related thereto, in any manner whatsoever, shall be settled by mediation in the Afghanistan Center for Commercial Arbitration (ACDR).

  • If the parties still do not reach an agreement, the issue shall be formally referred to a domestic Afghan court of competent jurisdiction.